Friday, November 10, 2006

NOW they tell us! 

With SCBA blogger Larry Schumacher on vacation, the headline political story is written by someone else.
Emboldened Senate Democrats on Thursday chose Sen. Larry Pogemiller, an outspoken critic of Gov. Tim Pawlenty, as their commander, then rounded out the team with St. Cloud's Tarryl Clark.

Clark, a former lobbyist and DFL party associate chair,...
That's odd. I seem to recall that when this affiliation was pointed out by GOP opponents, they were called divisive and negative campaigning. But here they are relevant to a news article. Why is that?
"I'm honored. I'm very honored," she said Thursday night. "I think it's good for our area because it gives us some visibility."
No, it gives you some visibility with which you can buy some pork for your district. And tons of photo ops.

Mark me down now as declaring Clark a candidate for US House against "the devil in the blue dress".