Friday, November 10, 2006

It's like chess 

My NARN brother John Hinderaker wrote me tonight to discuss a new post he has on why the new Democrat majority seems to be the darlings of al Qaeda and the Iranian leadership. I've signed on to PowerLine's new forum, which has so far a pretty high quality of participation, at least until I posted in it.

Everyone who is opposed to the policies of George Bush -- and my God there seems to be a lot of you! -- seems to be rushing the cameras claiming what the elections tell Bush to do now to repent. But the audience of the statements John and Ed have highlighted is to me clearly the Democrats. And I'm not sure that simply pointing to the Democrats and saying "See? You have become the friends of our enemies" allows us to fully understand their motives.

Of course al Qaeda in Iraq would be happy for us to leave, but would it not make more sense to lay low, continue insurgency attacks and let the effort in Iraq crumble on its own? If Bush is willing to sack Rumsfeld within 24 hours of the polls closing, why bother to stick your neck out? Instead, let's suppose the Democrats come on the air Monday morning and announce they support a plan to double troop strength so as not to look weak to the US electorate. If done, al Qaeda would use this to show even more potential terrorists the implacability of the kufr, and recruit more terrorists.

Imagine that! The Democrats reacting rashly by increasing troop strength would encourage more terrorists to join al Qaeda. Now that would be ironic.

And, as I concluded a post on PowerLine Forum, if the Democrats can wrap their arms around that choice they will find themselves in a tough, tough spot -- you can either be a trophy or a rallying cry for your enemies. And the Democracts have only themselves to blame.