Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Customer satisfaction, the long view 

A new report from the US Dept. of Education says most people who graduated from college in 1992-93 report they think it was a good deal. One in four had completed some kind of graduate degree, 87% were working (9% were not in the labor force), and most reported they liked what they got:
The graduates were also asked whether they considered their undergraduate education (as a whole) to be very important preparation for their work and career, further education, and financial security (table 7). Nearly four out of five graduates (78 percent) reported that their undergraduate education was very important in preparing them for their work and career; a majority also indicated that their college years prepared them for further education (56 percent) and achieving financial security (57 percent). Yet 8 percent did not feel that their undergraduate education was very important preparation for any of these areas.
I was surprised (and a bit disappointed) to see only 25% of business and management graduates thought their liberal arts course were important ten years later. But satisfaction in general didn't seem to vary much by major.

(h/t: Chronicle of Higher Ed news blog.)