Monday, October 30, 2006

Some people are getting too big for their britches 

Um Andy? You need to understand a couple of thing. First, it's SCBA, not SCAB. I realize you have some issues with us more ortographobic readers, but this isn't a spelling issue, it's a name. We are the St. Cloud Bloggers Association. Second, nobody is severing from the MOB; there's a separate NARN, so a separate SCBA is not to be seen as in any way a threat.

You get to hobnob at Keegans, using your mayoral powers to receive liquid tribute, and for what? You barely beat out an animal whose full name you couldn't spell if we spotted you the c, the h, the i, the m, the p, the a, the n, the z and the e. In order. Our representative Leo is forced to spend time away from his bride to attend these functions and end up on the next state senator's couch. What more do you expect.

We invite you to our own brewpub for refreshments, any time. Only has five letters; I'm sure you can do it.