Thursday, October 19, 2006

One school Littlest won't be going to 

I realize it's a little early to declare, but I'm pretty comfortable in announcing today that my daughter will not attend the University of Miami. After a fight on the field against a team that is a lesser opponent that lasted a very long time, the university has decided to give very light penalties to its players. (The other team, Florida International, has handed down much more severe penalties.) One sportswriter declares that at Miami "it's not the heat -- it's the stupidity." At least the school has graduated one of its players -- the announcer, Lamar Thomas, who appears ready for color commentary for professional wrestling.

I heard Donna Shalala, the president of the school (yes, that Donna Shalala), on Mike and Mike this morning and heard her story.
"This university will be firm and punish people who do bad things," Shalala said. "But we will not throw any student under the bus for instant restoration of our image or our reputation. I will not hang them in a public square. I will not eliminate their participation at the university. I will not take away their scholarships."
The faculty senate agrees, after first questioning Shalala's leniency. The report indicates that something said to the faculty senate by the administration that changed their minds.

At a meeting of Miami's faculty senate Wednesday, university president Donna Shalala and athletic director Paul Dee explained in detail the severity of the punishments to players involved in a brawl with Florida International. After the meeting, senate chairman Dr. Stephen Sapp said his group was "comfortable with" the explanations, which they found "acceptable," ESPN's Joe Schad reported.

Earlier in the day, Sapp had said that the punishments were "not adequate" and that there "should have been further thought given here."

"We're not going to vote on anything or recommend anything," Sapp said after the meeting. "After hearing some things that will not be made public about the disciplinary measures, we're satisfied."

Exactly what could have been said that would indicate the level of punishment is OK? I cannot believe this is the end of it. Skip Sauer says both the AD and the head coach should lose their jobs. Unless someone tells us what Shalala told the faculty senate, she should go too.