Wednesday, October 25, 2006

He said it, not me 

A couple of unintentionally funny/scary lines in the email sent today from the union to encourage us to vote.
Minnesota has some of the easiest voting laws in the nation. See: Who is eligible to vote? . If you are not already registered to vote, you can register at the polls on Election Day--Tuesday, November 7, 2006.
From your mouth to John Fund's ear. Is "easiest voting laws" really something to be proud of?
...this is an election where faculty can influence the outcome!
And boy, do they ever!

Meanwhile, take a look at our union's review of the higher education proposals of the gubernatorial candidates. Do you think the coverage is even, and informative, or do you think the descriptions of the plans leans towards one or the other? And if so which?
The Pawlenty proposal would only affect about 16,000 of the approximately 250,000 students in higher education in Minnesota. Current students would not realize any benefit from the proposal, which would take effect starting fall of 2007. Even then, it would only apply to recent high school graduates and not benefit students previously enrolled or non-traditional students.

...Hatch proposes paying for his tuition roll-back by closing the foreign-owned corporate tax loophole created by a Supreme Court decision which allows corporations to shelter passive income from royalties, interest and dividends in overseas branches. Senate DFLers have proposed closing the loophole several times, and Pawlenty has vowed to veto it. The proposal would raise about $300 million per year.
Yup, looks really evenhanded to me. And note as well the fawning treatment of state legislators who bring home the pork. I'll repeat what I've said before -- we should be sending money back, asking for independence in setting tuition and graduation standards in return for taking fewer taxpayer dollars. We'd be better off, and so would the state of Minnesota.