Thursday, October 26, 2006

Get out of Fargo 

The AAUP has released a report on faculty gender equity and finds that women are still a minority in tenured and tenure-track faculty, even though a majority of U.S. citizens who earn PhDs are female. It's a longish report and I am not terribly interested in disecting it, but the Chronicle of Higher Ed's report (subscriber link) indicates that the second-lowest ranking institution in terms of share of tenured faculty who are female is at North Dakota State.
At North Dakota State, R. Craig Schnell, the provost, said he did not have a good explanation for why so few of the university's tenured faculty members are women. But he said that "it seems as soon as somebody gets hired, they leave, not necessarily for higher salaries, but for family reasons." The university has applied for a federal grant to study why so many women leave North Dakota State after earning tenure.
You don't need a grant; just count up the number of MOB males that have left Fargo, and you can see that the smart women are following them down I-94.