Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Bow before your leader 

The College of William and Mary would rather switch than fight.
The College of William and Mary has notified the National Collegiate Athletic Association that during the next academic year the College will phase out the two feathers that are currently a part of its athletic logo.

The decision comes in response to a recent NCAA ruling regarding William and Mary�s athletic logo. While the Association stipulated that the nickname �Tribe� was not problematic, the College was forced to change its logo or face sanctions that would restrict its opportunities in NCAA postseason play.

�It is galling that a university with such a consistent and compelling record of doing intercollegiate athletics the right way is threatened with punishment by an organization whose house, simply put, is not in order,� said William and Mary President Gene R. Nichol. �Still, in consultation with our Board of Visitors, we have determined that we are unwilling to sue the NCAA to further press our claims.�
The comments over at Inside Higher Ed are hilarious.