Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Another forum 

Gary Gross reminds me that there will be a candidate forum sponsored by the Minnesota Family Institute at Joy Christian Center tomorrow night, October 12, at 6:30pm. Most candidates will attend, though I am told by one source (not confirmed) that state Senator Tarryl Clark and state congressional candidate Patty Wetterling have declined.

I'm sure someone will make a big deal out of that, but isn't it the right of a candidate to decide which fora to attend and which not to? I am reminded by Mrs. S that there was a gathering of candidates to a GRIP forum a couple of weeks ago. They made a big deal about a few candidates who did not attend. I say, it's up to them, and then up to the supporters of each group to decide what it means when the invited candidates decline. For example, one question I will ask the Wetterling campaign if they ever decide to have someone on our show is "How many fora or debates held by local chambers of commerce has Mrs. Wetterling participated in?"

It is also worth noting (as done in this letter over the weekend) that Sauk Rapids state representative Dan Severson not only was willing to attend GRIP's session but to challenge the assumptions of its organizers. Good for you, sir. Mrs. Clark and Mrs. Wetterling, care to follow that lead?