Thursday, September 21, 2006

Things I learned in Sunday School 

A quiz for political candidates and their apologists.

1. A woman bakes a cherry pie, and places it on her window sill to cool.
2. The pie is not on the window sill but on her table. The window is open.
3. Same situation, except that the window is closed but unlocked.
4. The woman has a dog guarding the pie. You have a piece of raw meat. You open the window, throw the meat away from the pie, and -- since anyone knows a dog will chase the meat -- he leaves the pie unguarded.
5. If at any point you take the pie, how long before you feel remorse?
6. Your child takes the pie (should have gotten him into Sunday School!) and comes home with a slice for you and cherry stains on his shirt. How long before you tell the woman your son took her pie?
Correct answers: C'mon, let's not be judgmental, shall we? The pie was asking for it!