Friday, September 15, 2006

Maybe she'll send a sign 

Those of you who have posted negatively to my post on Dick Andzenge's article on Wednesday are invited to read Michelle Malkin's obit of Oriana Fallaci. Then off to Wretchard:
At the time of her death Oriana Fallaci was facing a suit in Italy for daring to suggest that her country and culture were under threat from radical Islam. In her youth she did not bow to Hitler; and in her old age she hurled defiance at yet another tyranny. The darkness came and yet the darkness claimed her not.
But it would consume all of us, if the apologists for western culture get their way. In death, let's hope she provides Pope Benedict with some backbone.

I read The Rage and the Pride a couple of years ago and thought then it might be a little over the top. The more I watch, the more I think she wasn't. Might be time to read more...