Thursday, September 07, 2006

Honor among thieves 

A colleague on campus sent me a link to a site that alerts consumers to scams and ripoffs ... in the term paper 'industry'. is a watchdog organization that enables consumers and freelance writers to publish complaints about fraudulent term paper mills. We help protect consumers from deceptive companies that lie about their geographical location, experience, qualifications, and employment of amateur, ESL writers with poor English writing skills. We also aid legitimate, freelance writers in spreading the word about deadbeat employers. Our forum sheds light on the overseas ripoff scams that cause financial loss, frustration, and squandered time for thousands of researchers and freelance writers every year. However, we do not condemn offshore outsourcing in general. If a writer located in a non-American country speaks and writes in perfect English�with absolutely no idiomatic mistakes or grammatical errors�that writer should be allowed to work for American companies.
I'm hoping one of those legitimate, freelance writers could write a paper on protectionism. Oh, whoops! They already did. The first sign they offer for warning signs that you are buying a paper from an ESL writer? The price is less than $16/pg.