Friday, September 01, 2006

Depressing films 

I don't go to many films at all, and I don't sit around watching them at home. Don't get any premium channels either (I was scolded at the J-Wood confab for not watching Rome, and I admit to renting Curb Your Enthusiasm, but that's it.) Just not my thing. But I do watch TV, and I will be looking forward to watching the rerun of John Stossel's Stupid in America special tonight. Stossel was on with Dennis Prager yesterday, and reports he has a new piece to the story after the government education bureaucracy employed kids to shout at his house from across the street. It should be on ABC at 10pm ET tonight (that's 9pm on Channel 5 for those of you here in the area).

Richard Vedder notes that the Fox special on college costs will replay at 4pm tomorrow afternoon. I'll be at the Fair for NARN, so someone will have to tape that for me.

Neither of those will make you click your heels and smile. It will get worse, I suspect, when the ABC documentary The Path to 9/11 comes out. There is speculation that this movie is getting airbrushed at the last moment due to pressure from Clinton apologists -- the movie is reported to connect events from the 1993 WTC attack to 9/11 -- but Hugh Hewitt is not concerned.
I, and I am sure many others, have been sent the entire six hour program to preview and review, which I will be doing over the weekend. Edits post-distribution of the review DVDs would invite scrutiny of the very portions sent down the black hole, underscoring the episodes the censors hoped to hide.
I didn't make the distribution list, dang it. That's a video I would have watched. One I would not watch, evereverever, is this film being exhibited at the Toronto International Film Festival. I'm sure we'll hear more of this over the weekend. My belief is simple: You can make it, and I can ignore it and encourage others to do the same. If you end up making money on it, fine -- it's a world where even Tom Cruise can make millions, so the correlation between riches and goodness is tenuous at best. But I won't waste my time on it. I'd rather watch another SVU rerun.