Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Baxter does not heart Bachmann, part 1 

The following is the first of several articles about an op-ed run in the New York Times about Sixth Congressional District candidate Michele Bachmann, written by Professor Janet Beihoffer of Metro State.

The New York Times (NYT) published agenda-driven journalism disguised as opinion about Michele Bachmann this weekend. It is worth noting that the author, Charles Baxter, a professor of creative writing at the U of M, was asked to write on the MN US Senate race. Yet, Baxter decided instead to cover the House race in MN�s Sixth Congressional District.

Why would Baxter choose to ignore the MN US Senate race? Could it be that the week his assignment was due, the campaign of the Democratic candidate for US Senate (Amy Klobuchar) had to fire its communications director for viewing an unreleased Mark Kennedy ad which was unethically, and possibly illegally, obtained by a blogger and sent to the Klobuchar campaign? And, as it turns out, information from that ad was used by Democrats to survey voters before the ad was released by the Kennedy campaign.

Baxter�s piece showcases many of the various methods used by the mainstream media in cooperation with academia to attempt to influence voters. Subsequent posts will deal with the redefining of terms, omission of relevant facts and the overtly exaggeraged fear the left has of anyone professing any kind of Christianity.

J. Beihoffer