Monday, August 07, 2006

Rip van Mongolian 

Before anything else, let me thank Peter, Mike and Josh for their solid work on keeping the Scholars blog filled with interesting items. Some of them were off my usual path of writing, which I consider an added bonus. Does anyone wish to have any of these fine gentlemen writing here more permanently? Drop a comment, and if so I'll set up a poll.

Be sure to make Peter's and Mike's blogs a regular part of your blogospheric readings. Josh -- you need a blog of your own. Soon.

After four days in Ulaanbaatar I went to a gher camp north of the capitol. That area had more mountains than I had thought would be there. I'll post nightly this week stories from UB, the camp, and the experience of the people of Mongolia. But during the day it will be back to usual. One "back to usual" is finding that 672 of the 709 emails in one of my accounts were spam. So that took part of yesterday. Also found that my internet connection at the house was hosed. After 45 minutes online with the nice people at Charter, I was told I needed a technician. "What time on Monday would that be?" I asked. "Well, we could do Monday the 21st." "Nothing sooner?" "We have some time on the previous Friday." Charter, thy days are numbered at the Scholars Haus. Here's the competitor.

Being at the camp meant that we had no internet. Well, not exactly true. One companion brought a satellite linkup with him, which we had to point towards the Indian Ocean and do a special dance to get to work. That allowed me to visit with Mrs. and Littlest while there. Getting email from LS, who just turned twelve last week while I was away, is a new and wonderful experience. She has blended both her parents' senses of humor into something very funny, and it's as if you are talking to someone you know but don't know at the same time.

Enough navelgazing. It's time to bring Scholars back to its usual programming. Speaking of programming, I see I have to wake up earlier on Saturdays now. Or maybe not. More on that as I figure out what happened to NARN in my absence. I will be fetching podcasts in the meanwhile.