Monday, August 14, 2006

How dare you use PowerPoint!?! 

I hope the SCTimes editorial page is making a good joke. Discussing some verbal fireworks between two city council members, they tried to blame both sides, but the offenses were quite different. While one member stalked out of the council with some apparently salty language for the council president, the president did something far worse...

He used PowerPoint to make his statement.

Landy isn't blameless here, either. As council president, it's his job to run a fair and professional meeting.

For example, at the same meeting, he provided his opinion via a PowerPoint presentation. That's a little over the top. But here's the broader point he must remember: He opened the door to such tactics. Now if other council members want to pursue that or similar options to express their views, he is bound to let them do so.

Oh, the outrage!

Yes, "a little over the top", I'd say ... for the Times editorial board.