Thursday, August 31, 2006

EConomics still on the list 

A new report released by our school's Career Services office says that the job market for new grads strong in Minnesota. And economics is one of the top programs in demand.
The majors most in demand haven't changed since last year, the study found. Top sought after majors included business, marketing, economics, communications, accounting and psychology/sociology.

The retail industry offered the most opportunities for new grads, with 77 percent of employers in that market saying they planned to increase hiring. The financial services industry followed closely behind, with 68 percent of employers expecting to increase hiring.

The least sought majors included history, political science, chemistry and graphic design.
30% of the surveyed firms expect to pay 4-6% more for new hires this year versus last. An executive summary of the report is here.

History and political science lowest in demand. Who knew? But chemistry is quite surprising to me.