Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Yes, that was my jaw you heard 

... hitting my desktop as I loaded the new Townhall.com (be patient -- it's loading slower than Bengie Molina) -- and I see the NARN podcast. Oh brave new world! but what is this??
King Banyon
Oh the inhumanity!

Makes me want to drink scotch and smoke cigars. Which reminds me ... you coming Friday??? Everyone knows I favor Isle of Jura, and most everyone knows that if I show up -- currently the plan, but plans change -- I must drink lightly so as to "keep four on the highway" heading back to the Cloud. Nonetheless, sampling will occur.

Speaking of podcasts, just picked up one of these on eBay. (I have this thing about Apple and its software philosophy.) I'm listening to it now. So, so sweet -- had some Black Adder loaded for the trip home from San Diego but a colleague sat next to me so it was office chitchat for three hours.

Off to the family and BBQ and fireworks (though Littlest and I need to see Nacho Libre, and this might be the best chance we have before traveling again.)

UPDATE: I see this also has meant Hugh's got new digs! May have to light an extra sparkler. Wonder what he pays the new webmaster?