Monday, July 03, 2006

Thank God she's safe 

A Nepali student at SCSU has been missing from her summer job in Colorado for more than two weeks, but appears to have been found safe and physically OK.
Budhathoki was living near Prospect Mountain with only water to drink, and had not eaten any food, Kufeld said. She was wearing the same clothes she was last seen in on June 18, when she left for work at an ice cream shop June 18.

Police took her into custody on a mental health hold and are interviewing her, Kufeld said.

�She appears to be OK,� he said.
Apparently they knew she was in the area through sightings and physical clues. We went to a Nepal Night cultural program this spring and saw a student-made video about adjusting to living in the States from Nepal. I don't imagine it's easy for any of them. Glad they found you, Pratistha, and we'll pray for your safe return to your family.