Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Sticky: Please vote for guestbloggers 

UPDATE (Weds., 7:30am): Voting closes in 24 hours.

We will run a poll of guest bloggers for my trip away. Winners will get posting privileges on Scholars -- for the most part unsupervised, as where I am going does not have internet access -- for approximately three weeks. (If traffic improves, I may keep one or more on after I return. I've long wanted a co-blogger -- Scholars is plural, after all.) On the right you will see a poll for the bloggers. Some of the entered posts are done on others' sites; some I have hosted here as of Monday morning. So please vote and decide who will keep the place warm while I'm gone. Here are links to the posts, alphabetical by author.
You see the poll to your left. Please vote -- and you can vote for as many of these writers as you like. The choice you make will be the blogger you read here, for the next three weeks. I hope you will visit Hube, Mike, Peter and Tony's blogs regardless of how you vote.