Monday, July 24, 2006

Hey, a post from what's-his-face! 

I know, I know. "Prof. Banaian selected three guest-bloggers, where's that last loser?"
Well (and feel free to hum an appropriate fanfare at his point), here I am, complete with no particularly useful information about the Israel/Hezbollah/Lebanon/Syria/Iran/Palestine/Whoever conflict. (Whomever? Stupid English grammar!)

It's been a while Prof. Banaian posted my first post, which you can reread here. As you can see from that post, I'm something of an economics nerd (so fair warning). But I should also point out that I'm also something of a regular nerd, which means I'm far more likely than Prof. Banaian to link to something like this.

Anyhow, it's good to be here, and there will be more to come shortly.

PS: If you're interested in what's happening in that fruit salad conflict mentioned above, I suggest you go here, and sign up for their free intelligence reports. I have found that they are full of useful information and analysis. (I have also found that if you open them in your email box before you leave to go to the bathroom, people who walk by will be impressed and think that you are an informed person who cares about the issues. Then they treat you with a modicum of respect, and you can use that to know who the jerks are who read people's computer screens while they are away! I hate those guys!)