Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Greetings from Ulaanbaatar 

Just a quick note from Mongolia with my lousy connection. I was out last night at a restaurant which is behind a temple. It was raining, but when it stopped we were treated to this site.

So far a nice but rainy place. I'm still in the capital, so I can get to the occassional wireless connection or internet cafe. That ends Friday (your time).

Yes, that's how the name of the city is spelled. It's much more laid back than other Asian cities I've visited, and unlike the others this one has a strong love of beer. Before this restaurant we went to a pub attached to a Mongolian costume museum (!) that featured Budvar, the original Budweiser. And most of the native folklore gear that is on display as the nation celebrates the 800th anniversary of the Great Mongolian state includes people wearing these hats. Some of the spires on top of the hat seem to be more than just pointing to heaven. If you know what I mean.