Monday, July 24, 2006

The Computer (Blogger) Wore Combat Boots 

Here is yet another interview with Markos "I Wore Combat Boots" Moulitsas where he references his military service. And Sunday's Minneapolis Star Tribune highlights local veterans who are running for office.

Here is my question: What do we owe these veterans? Our gratitude? Yes. VA and other benefits? Yes. The ability to enter politics free from criticism? No.

I am reminded of an incident a couple of years ago in Hubert's, which is near the Metrodome in Minneapolis. A couple of friends and I were killing time in the crowded bar before a game. All of a sudden, this guy accuses my friend of bumping him. After a brief discussion of who was standing in that area of the bar first, my friend apologized. Then the guy barks that if he made a mistake like that, "200 people would die." It turns out that he was with an Army Ranger unit. My friend diffused the situation by thanking him for his service and offering to buy him a drink.

Military service says a lot about a person's character. But it is not a trump card for every discussion on every subject. And it certainly has nothing to do with an accidental bump in a crowded bar.