Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Why does the NCAA insist on singling out UND? 

That might have been the better question to ask, but Knows-Stuff Nick says he felt he just HAD to write about the UND story.
I have written about this many times over the years, always with the hope of never needing to mention it again. But the University of North Dakota, despite its big brains, is remarkably thick-skulled. Last year, the NCAA told UND it could no longer use its team nickname in post-season play. UND should have taken the deal.
Well then, Nick, maybe you could explain why Florida State didn't have to take the deal? What about the University of Utah? Why can't you get it through your thick skull that this rule is being applied contrary to NCAA rules, without a vote of the membership, and in a capricious fashion?

Anyone who's read all those many articles KSN has written knows that this is all about getting to use his Nazi trope against Ralph Engelstad.
The university used to call its teams "Flickertails," but that name never attracted interest from Las Vegas casino owners who collected Nazi memorabilia and brought out cakes with Swastika icing to observe the birthday of Adolf Hitler.
So off he goes, ignoring UND's history with North Dakota's Native Americans and leads him to this outlandish statement.
But UND can't help itself. It is like the guy with the mustache in "Brokeback Mountain" who says "I wish I could quit you," and then puts up the pup tent.
KAR-guys, you owe me a post about that line. Nihilist, you in?

And, confirming a rumor I had two weeks ago but thought I better keep quiet, UND is indeed going to Division I. This most likely spells the end of the North Central Conference as a premier D-II athletic conference, where we play and where UND's antagonist over the mascot issue will now have his luxury box at football games in a half-full stadium as we end up playing weaker and weaker opponents.