Thursday, June 15, 2006

What does blogging do for a resume? 

Sean Hackbarth is going to find out. The proprietor of The American Mind since 1999 and a bookseller at Barnes & Noble since 1998, he has decided to look for a new line of work.
My biggest strength is my ability to take all the stuff I happen to remember and synthesize, to take disparate ideas and smash them together to come up with a (hopefully) useful solution. That is demonstrated everyday on my weblog where I try to publish insight rather than a regurgitation of what I found on a news web site. At Barnes & Noble that means if the customer provides a vague description of what book she is looking for I can make and educated guess or find alternative titles that would be useful.
Click the link above to get to the rest of the story, particularly if you're an employer in Wisconsin.