Monday, June 12, 2006

Soon to be in a novel near you 

A female professor files sexual harassment charges against a male professor: Not unusual. Male professor puts out a contract on her? Unusual.
In court records and testimony at a bond hearing Friday, according to reports in The Virginian-Pilot and other local newspapers, prosecutors and the Virginia State Police laid out what appeared to be a well-documented scheme to kill Kimberly Perez, who also teaches information systems technology at Tidewater�s Norfolk campus. According to the college�s Web site, the two have collaborated on courses on how to use Blackboard,among other things.

As described by prosecutors, Glosser feared that the sexual harassment complaint could damage his career. �Because he was concerned for his job, he was going to have her killed,� The Virginian-Pilot quoted the prosecutor, David Laird, as saying in court on Friday.

According to police officials, Glosser asked a friend and former neighbor, Raymond Groves, for help in trying to either persuade Perez to drop the complaint or to �take her out.� Glosser allegedly offered Groves as much as $4,000 if the complaint disappeared and up to $15,000 if Perez did, according to the testimony of police officials.
Mr. Groves is alleged to have hired a third person to go to Perez to either offer her money to drop the charge or to kill her. This third person was apprehended, and then used for wiretaps of Groves and Glosser. Prof. Glosser was denied bail and awaits trial in jail.