Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Hitting the merely affluent 

While these letter-writers from Growth and Justice may think they are nonpartisan, a cursory look at their list shows me only one Republican on their board of directors, Arlen Erdahl, who is probably still bitter about being turned out in Reagan's first midterm elections by Tim Penny. Obviously he's learned nothing from supply side economics, or if he did he's not sharing with the bunch of them. Just like the super-rich who are asking for the death tax to be extended (but not that it will apply to them), the rich of Minnesota can shift resources so that they don't have to pay state taxes. The merely affluent -- the two professionals working to earn about $120,000 a year -- would still get socked with an extra $2000 in taxes to pay for the super-rich's better Minnesota. The executive board of Growth and Justice has no intention of paying the tax -- if they did, they'd write checks to Pawlenty's request, not whine to the STrib when Kersten suggests the same thing. Governor, let us know if you get any.

UPDATE: Forgot to mention, Mitch is running a blogswarm on the patricians.