Friday, June 16, 2006

Expensive stinking 

Phil Miller shows how economics can help sports teams, by recognizing that the player under the expensive contract who is playing badly shouldn't be kept because of the size of the contract. Keith Law (a former Blue Jay executive and a one-time member of a rotisserie league of which I was and still am commissioner) makes the same point.
Recognizing the difference between "eating" a contract and releasing a player whose salary is sunk already is a critical skill for any GM. It should be a question on the GMAT (General Manager Aptitude Test), right after the question about when employing Tony Womack would be a good idea. (The correct answer is D, "Never.")

So no, the Diamondbacks aren't going to "eat" Ortiz's contract with this procedural move. You could argue now that they're swallowing it, or merely trying to pass it like a kidney stone. Trust me -- it'll feel better once it's gone.
Ouch, hit me where I live!

Rondell White, start packing!