Thursday, June 22, 2006

dont use sue 

When I taught the sports econ class, the most interesting discussion took place after two students -- one of whom plays basketball -- discussed this ESPN story on the use of text messaging. Now the NCAA says it's going to limit the times of the day you can text message, but not how often you can contact a recruit via SMS. They are using these things to message high school freshman. What's next? Here's a possibility, sent to me by a friend.

There's another good interview with Univ. of North Dakota president Charles Kupchella at the US College Hockey Organization's Online's website. (Corrected to proper name 6/24 -- sorry for the confusion!) Here's a very interesting question asked of him:
USCHO: In denying UND's appeals, one of the reasons given by the NCAA is that the nickname and logo create a hostile and abusive atmosphere at other institutions the UND can't control. Is it reasonable for the NCAA to make UND responsible for potentially racist behavior by fans of other schools? Do you know of any recent examples of UND fans displaying hostile and abusive behavior toward American Indians at the university's athletic events?
So can people who want to keep UND from using the nickname do so by creating disturbances on other campuses? And does anyone else see the hand of SCSU on this action now? "UND COMNG STRT RIOT"