Friday, June 30, 2006

Democracy babes march on Bolivia 

There is a general theory in the blogosphere that there is a strong positive correlation between the success of democracy movements in the developing world and the quality of its young female protestors. Now it's not a hundred percent correlation, but it's pretty good.

And good golly! democracy is coming to Bolivia! This is a country that was much more free five years ago, so the taste for freedom is still fresh.
A 2004 referendum partly re-nationalized Bolivia's hydrocarbon industries, but indigenous leaders like Movement Toward Socialism congressman Evo Morales are agitating for total state ownership. As a result, citizens in gas-producing districts like Santa Cruz and Tarija would like autonomy from the rest of Bolivia, whose government they view as irresponsible and responding to fear.
And in Santa Cruz, the vote for autonomy is this Sunday.

(h/t: Jay Reding)