Tuesday, May 16, 2006

UPDATE: The Churchill Report has been released 

All 125 pages of it are here. Unfortunately, while all five members found serious research misconduct, only one member of the committee thought it met the requirements for Churchill's dismissal from the university. Two others thought "Professor Churchill�s research misconduct is so serious that it satisfies the criteria for revocation of tenure and dismissal specified in section 5.C.1 of the Laws of the Regents, and hence that revocation of tenure and dismissal, after completion of all normal procedures, is not an improper sanction," but they thought it wasn't the most appropriate sanction, deciding to split the difference and suspend him for five years. The remaining two thought a two-year suspension would be sufficient. I'll have to read the rest later, as I'm getting ready to do an interview shortly.

Thanks to Linda Seebach for posting a comment with a heads-up.