Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Mao ipse loquitur 

Chinese students at New Zealand�s Massey University staged a heated protest last week after the campus�s student newspaper used an image of Mao Zedong�s head�set atop the body of a curvaceous woman wearing a decidedly bourgeois d�colletage�to satirize Cosmopolitan magazine. The lampooned title: Commupolitan. ...[T]he Chinese students said the satire in Chaff, the student paper, was as offensive to them as cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad were to Muslims worldwide earlier this year. The protesters said making fun of Mao, the founder of China�s Communist state, was akin to lampooning Jesus, George Washington, or President Bush. They also said they deserved better treatment as foreign students who pay full fees at the university.
Source: The Chronicle: Daily News Blog. I had not realized Mao had ascended into deity. Could be worse. They could have stuck that cartoon on a bulletin board.

(Source for photo.)