Monday, April 24, 2006

Take an inch, and they'll take a mile 

No, that's not a misprint. This is my description of what happens on college campuses when administrators get any chance to impose mandatory diversity training. History repeats itself at Bellevue Community College, where David Beito reports that a Michelle Malkin-inspired protest of an insensitive faculty member there has led to MDT. But, in a new twist, the fellow who was insensitive was so by making a joke against Condoleeza Rice. And the fellow brought to do MDT is probably a fellow traveller of the insensitive faculty member.
In response to Malkin�s campaign, Bellevue College not only has given the diversity police more monitoring authority over the curriculum and personnel evaluations, but will hire the notorious Glenn Singleton to conduct ideologically one-sided training for faculty and staff. Apparently, it will be mandatory. For more on Singleton, see here and here.

A self-described �diversity expert,� Singleton is an accomplished race baiter who is often able to persuade colleges and schools to pay him hefty fees for his services. Critics on both the left and right have condemned his �Maoist� style "training" methods.
Malkin has not acknowledged the claim. We know there's bias on campus, and we do well to point it out whenever and wherever we can. But Beito is right that the cure is worse than the disease when you let the sickness write the prescription.