Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Hentoff on campus free speech 

Nat Hentoff takes up the Murdock case today.
The cartoons aside, on many campuses, the right to free speech, however contentious, is under siege. The politically correct "speech codes" � forbidding speech that might offend one's race, sexual orientation, religion, et al. � have been folded into codes of conduct under the continuing assumption by some students and administrators that there is a constitutional right not to be offended.
I do find the picture shown with the article a little odd since there's no mention of Notre Dame in the article. Was the USA Today trying to say that the Vagina Monologues and GLBT groups are having their campus speech rights infringed? Weird, but no weirder than the president of Century College saying that Murdock's speech rights have not been infringed.