Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I didn't know we were Buds 

I thought it clever that I got an email/spam from "Coach Bud Grant". I thought it even more clever that it actually comes from the coach himself. What he's selling is a new stadium, not that you'd actually know that from the letter for a few paragraphs:

Dear KING,
I�m writing to ask you to join me and thousands of Minnesotans and football fans from all walks of life as members of a new citizens� coalition, Minnesota Momentum. Our group was recently formed to support the plan to build Northern Lights � Minnesota�s Sports, Retail & Entertainment Center.

This economic development project, with $1 billion in private investment, will include shops, restaurants, space for small businesses, a new medical center, 260 acres of preserved wetlands and trails and more.

I�ve agreed to serve as co-chair of Minnesota Momentum with Kathi Ackerman of Minnesota DARE and Larry Spooner, a Vikings fan representative, because I want to see this exciting project move forward.

It�s a great opportunity to finally resolve the Vikings stadium issue � which has dragged on for long enough � and provide a tremendous boost to our state economy by bringing in $1 billion in private investment.

I am surprised and impressed that St. Cloud's own Chamber of Commerce director Theresa Bohnen is on the board of Minnesota Momentum. That means I get to ask her what the big deal is. If it's such a great deal, what with that cool billion of private investment and not a dollar of state taxpayer money, this should be easy to get the citizens of Anoka County to vote for.

Don't you think this FAQ is missing just a little something? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

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