Thursday, March 23, 2006

He wouldn't know pollution if it poked him in the eye 

I walked by some earnest-looking young man at a bulletin board with a stapler. I hate staples in bulletin boards; someone has to take a knife to pull them out. On outdoor ones I can see the risk of having your paper blown away, but this was indoors. I looked at the advert, and it was for summer jobs for the Campaign to Save the Environment, in a bright yellow.

Well, I thought, he's just a leftist who wants to be sure his message doesn't get taken down.

When I came back the other way an hour later, I saw he had stapled up six identical posters. An outdoor board had ten more.

If I'm an environmentalist, wouldn't I think that ten identical posters plastering one bulletin board is wasteful? Maybe he should put them behind a veil.