Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Closure, sadly 

The St. Cloud Police Department has confirmed that a body they found in the Mississippi River at 1:30 today was that of missing SCSU student Scot Radel. Scot has been missing for four weeks; after a couple of weeks off, the police decided over the weekend that they would take three days with a special diving team to try one more time to find the body, and looked in the area where footprints that matched the shoe style Scot was wearing were found on the river ice, which was breaking up at that time.

I am happy that they found the body when it was still identifiable, and that the family can now begin closure and seek healing. My prayers and those of the whole community go to the Radel family.

UPDATE (10 pm): The University Chronicle story has plenty of details, including the likelihood that the local police originally looked too far downstream for Scot. The Times report is here.