Monday, March 06, 2006

Bad sports weekend 

Phil and Stephen give me grief about our athletic failures this weekend. In both cases, the teams were expected to do poorly and have performed well. Both men's and women's basketball teams are in the NCAA D2 playoffs starting this weekend. The women's team we knew would be pretty good, but the men's team had massive holes to fill around center Matt Siegle and filled them they did. If they find a post player for next season, SCSU will be even better.

Don't mind Phil; it's the first time Mankato has won the conference outright. And while their team is good, the guy I love is their coach, who has always had teams that play hard. Let's see how the two teams do in the playoffs.

Hockey? I don't care. In the immortal words of Dan Jenkins, "Drop the puck in Kansas and the first team to knock it in either ocean wins." When I want to watch a fight, I go for UFC. Now, UFC with skates, on ice? That I'd watch, but cut the crap with the puck.

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