Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Learned Foot discovers Peace Studies 

And the results, as usual, are hilarious (if a tad PG-13, you are warned.) I liked this best:

Ah yes, the Social Change Wheel. That of course is the corollary of the well-known Physical Fitness Triangle, The Octagon of Conflict, and the Wellness Parallelogram.

Anyway, just by reading this brief introduction, I can tell how useless this program is. For cryin' out loud, the four stages of didacticism outlined here as the "Circle of Praxis" (which is, I believe, a band of warriors from ancient Visigoth mythology who did battle against the evil Trapezoid of Blothar) is nothing that your average college student already experiences.

Or maybe that's just the cleanest part. Anyway, be sure to drain your mouth of coffee before sallying forth.