Tuesday, February 28, 2006

An exercise in futility 

My office manager -- who is a reader here, so hi! -- has been trying for months to try to cut down on the number of junk faxes we receive. The university has encouraged staff to first website and fill in info and submit � noting confirmation number and file by name (although about half do not have known names) � FCC then send me a letter for each complaint I file � often time sealed with tape (which means who ever stuffs them does not like to lick the envelopes either ...

FCC emailed me one time about a company asking me for more info � responded telling them to look at what I submitted on website since that details everything (tells me they obviously do not check closely) ... no one ever called me or ever followed up on this one time.

Waste of my time, gov time, our paper (figure 2-3 reams a year � this is including the gov paper waste � not to mention envelopes, tape, and postage), fax film � am I missing anything?
Has anyone else used this service? Have you ever heard of the FCC taking action on these unwanted faxes? It seems to me that they are more interested in collecting numbers and names of marketers than they are in reducing the traffic of junk faxes.