Thursday, February 16, 2006

About 15 years ago 

Answers Mitch's question:
When did Spencer's turn into a one-stop novelty shop for a**holes?
Spencer's Gifts used to be the place I got all my black light posters and those cool filament lights. I still have a Lava Lamp from the one at the Mall of New Hampshire (which I still prefer to Mall of America). My High School Girl Friend (tm) and I would go in there at least once a week to dream about buying a painted mirror for the place we would get some day, and giggle over the sex joke gifts. (Which, Mitch, were right there for all to see. Remember?)

But yeah, when I walk out of the place now, I think I need a bath.

I think I was listening to Dennis Prager the other day when I heard this line (very paraphrased), "Used to be I would go to the ball game and nobody would swear and everyone would smoke. Now there's no smoking at the ball park, but lots of bad language."

That's what happened to Spencer's.

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