Monday, January 09, 2006

Travel day 

I'll have more after lunch when I reach MSP. Please come back then.

UPDATE: From Maui Tacos, the best food in MSP airport.
  1. Ed is watching the Alito hearings. I've got CNN Headline News on here in the bar, and it's 2:20, and they are still waiting for Alito to actually speak. I saw swim captain Kennedy a half hour ago. Luckily no sound (they're playing XM 80s here instead.) I read this in the plane this morning, and CNN just shows on TV now a two month old!!! poll asking if one would favor the Senate turning down Alito if he says he would overturn Roe. Of course, it gives the opposite reaction. What a pile of hooey.
  2. Phil asks if the meetings were a buyers market for schools trying to hire new professors. The quality of candidates this year was very good; particularly the first day, when I interviewed nine public finance scholars, I cannot recall having more fun talking to interesting people. I trust search committees to make the final selections, and all I can say this year is that they hard choices if our sample was representative.
  3. Dunkin Donuts!!!! Morning, noon and night, baby!
  4. Nana, forgive me for eating a place that says it serves 'Turkish food', but this was unbelievably good. My sister and her daughter and a colleague of mine went as well. Wicked good, as they say.