Thursday, January 05, 2006

Random notes from Boston 

Arrived at 5pm, dumped my bags and went out on the town until 11. (Hey, that's good for me!) I do love Boston. My kid sister is a teaching chef and she recommended this place for dinner tonight. The baked goat cheese was unbelievable. One of my party enjoyed the mojitos very much.

I was shocked to find a Trader Joe's here. I associate it with LA. But where the hell are the fire nuts?

How big a penalty should we charge economists at their national convention when they walk three blocks into a restaurant still wearing their name tags? Mrs. Mojito say "oh, that must be an economist." "Well, he's wearing a tag, that's cheating." And pointless. As I pointed out two years ago, "find the economist" is an easy game for veterans of the AEA meetings.

If you get a room on the elite level of a hotel and are interviewing in your room, how do they get there? The interviewees don't have a passkey. A government economist asked that tonight. Hooboy.

Anyway, that's all from here for tonight.