Friday, January 06, 2006

Morning shave 

There's nothing like Dunkin Donuts ("cahfee regulah and two honey-dips") and a Globe to put you in a good mood. Which got me to thinking.

The job market for economists this year seems pretty tight for some reason. I'm getting interviews with very good, interesting people. One of the saddest things that happens here is that I interview bright people who take jobs elsewhere and I don't get to talk to them again. What's the courteous thing on calling back on someone who you interviewed and asking to see their research, even if they don't get the job?

If anyone has a recording of the six hours Hugh did with Larry Arnn, a mini-course in western political philosophy over New Year's Day, store that baby. In fact, burn me a copy. I'd like to save that one for the ages. I just had a late breakfast with a former Hillsdale student (he reads here: Hi!) and we both expressed the pleasurable person Arnn is. And a Claremonter to boot, of course.

Before I die, I want to be invited to the Mont Pelerin Society. That's what Hewitt and Arnn's talk reminded me of. Hold it at the Bretton Woods Hotel, too, since I'm just dreaming here.