Monday, January 16, 2006

A football note 

I didn't get to see much football -- my Saturday night choice was watching Denver-New England or going to a reception at the Armenian Embassy. I chose the latter, and the company was good though the wine could have been better. (Why not Armenian wine, I asked?) However, I was checking the score on the Steelers-Colts game as I finished the session mentioned below, went to get my bags from the hotel and headed to my plane home. Like Captain Ed, my brother is a huge Steelers fan. Standing in the bar at Reagan National airport when Peyton Manning was sacked on 4th and 16 I thought it was safe to call him. His daughter answered and said Dean was running to the refrigerator first. Just then Bettis fumbles, and I instinctively hung up. After Vandershank missed the FG (why do I hate that guy? I don't know, but I hate that guy and he deserves a Scott Norwide nickname) I rang back. Dean grabs the phone and says to hang on. Next thing I hear is a champagne cork pop. "I was trying to get it when you first called, but we almost had a Red Sox moment there." Ouch!

(A colleague comes in this AM and says, "Told you Mannings never win. You guys should trade Eli.")