Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Scholars in the story 

The errant flyer from yesterday is in today's St. Cloud Times with reference to our story. Student government and College Democrats are both denying responsibility. However, there is a stamp filled in on the flyer (as CSOLD does with all flyers), indicating the flyer came from College Democrats.
This flyer is published by SCSU College Democrats, a recognized student organization. This flyer is not an official publication of St. Cloud State University and does not represent the views of the university or its employees. (Italicized parts were written in by hand.)
It's initialed by someone who appears to have also initialed the CSOLD approval stamp. It also has handwritten an address and phone number marked "stclouddfl" at a Yahoo address, and a phone number, both of which link to the St. Cloud DFL office. It also is the phone number given out by the Tarryl Clark campaign. If the College Democrats want to deny that they had anything to do with the postings, are they saying the Clark campaign did it themselves??

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