Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Optimism is a function of leadership 

I was reading Hindrocket's post today on the Quinnipiac poll. I find this fascinating that we had Republicans much happier in 2005 than Democrats. I went back and dug up a Pew poll from 1997, which would be the same (fifth) year of the Clinton Administration, though it's in January. There the results are quite reversed: Optimism won out 52-21 with Clinton voters, but 30-41 towards pessimism with Dole voters, similarly with Perot voters, and about even for nonvoters and independents. Does optimism depend on who our leaders are?

I also thought these Quinnipiac results were interesting:

In 2006, do you think the world will be a more peaceful or less peaceful place?

More peaceful 42%
Less peaceful 45%

More peaceful 30%
Less peaceful 55%

So Republicans aren't necessarily more optimistic due to expectations of victory in the GWOT. And there's little difference in optimism for 2006 between the two groups. Could it be because both sides expect political victory next November?