Friday, December 23, 2005

Cut the crap 

Minnesota Democrats Exposed has a flyer going around St. Cloud saying that Kay Ek cannot run for the House seat here in St. Cloud in the special election next Tuesday. The truth is she could not have her name printed on the ballot -- of course you can vote for her by writing in her name.

The DFL has dumped a great deal of money on postcards in this last week. Yesterday we got a disgusting one pretending to be a Christmas card from Dan Ochsner, the Republican senate candidate, which when opened screams that Ox has called St. Cloudites "morons" and SCSU "a disgrace". (Frankly, I've had occasion to agree with those comments from time to time, particularly the latter. So too have several of our faculty. If I had a morning talk show five days a week, I might have uttered those words on-air.) It's utterly meanspirited. When I mentioned this at breakfast, the DFLers at the table replied "oh, you should have heard the push-poll someone called me with last night." Um, that's fairly different, and I've had three DFL push-pollers call me this month too.

In the same mailbox comes a nice picture of DFL candidate Tarryl Clark with her family. You can pretend to have family values, Ms. Clark, but we can judge you by the company you keep as associate party chair.

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