Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Can't a brother get any love? 

Let's see here. We are:
Forget "selectively outraged". I think I will be "indiscriminately outraged" from now on. That way I'll seem fair.

But still won't get any love.***

UPDATE: You think I'm having a bad day? Yes, I am. Want to know why? Because he'll never come to St. Cloud now. I'm stuck in a city that can't even support a KK, let alone the mighty double-D. Three Caribous within a mile of each other on Division, yes. Honey-dip and a regulah cahfee? Twenty years I've waited in vain. And now he's gone.

*-- This morning my pastor tells me he was at a meeting for a non-profit organization and met another SCSU professor. Asked him if he knew me. Pastor says, "I've learned that it isn't always the best thing to ask people at your school if they know you." Forget the rest of the snubs -- my own pastor is slamming me!
**--there are two links, Ed, and only the first one is right. The blogspot site has been unmanned since 9/04.
***--but if you'd like to make that little sitemeter turn to 500k by the end of 2005, we'll adjust the meds.

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