Thursday, November 10, 2005

You'd think they'd make the local connection 

In the college paper's wrap-up of the local school board race, wouldn't you think that the paper would make note that two of the four school board members elected Tuesday night work at SCSU? Or that the mayor-elect is a graduate of the school? (I believe outgoing Mayor Ellenbecker is a Johnnie.) And the loser was not well served by the quote obtained from a College Democrat:
Ellenbecker has admitted before that he is not a good campaigner. Given that he didn't campaign as much as Kleis, I think he did pretty well. It was a close election."
5806 to 4826 is close? Wonder what math course she took?

And in the whoops! department, a transpose error flipped the result of the school board race. The eventual winner is the university's athletic facilities director.